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More Info: https://hidetalks.com 🌏

First of all we want to thank all people and collaborators that allowed us to be here announcing HT Service. So… Thanks 😏🤙!

Nowadays we are living in a fully connected world, where we can instantly share & send images, files, text and also send & receive money in different currencies. But this amazing Era is not completely “Happy Flower”. Let’s take a minute to think about it. How is it possible that services like Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal, (just to name a few) are free? 🤔

The answer is simple, they sell the data you share. This is not literally, they don’t sell your last message, they apply Big Data Analysis so they can create a model to predict what do you like, what you are more able to buy, what they need to show you in order to change your perspective about a product or service,…

This is nothing new, and it is quite obvious they need to earn money in order to keep providing the service, so don’t be fooled, you are the product. You are what they are selling to third parties. In HideTalk we have realized this is not the reality we want to live in. Technology is designed to serve people, not to use people to serve business. This is way in HideTalk we believe that our users can NOT be our products, so we want to keep transparent with them. They are our costumers. They pay for a service, and this service is:

  1. Simple, you choose who can add you as contact.
  2. No Personal Data recording.
  3. No Data Selling, to anyone.
  4. Encrypted Communications (P2P, Person to Person).
  5. All Messages (Text & Images) are destroyed after viewing.
  6. Pay in order to maintain the Hidden Network.

“If you are not willing to pay less than 1€ for your privacy, you do not worry privacy. Let others take advantage of your data”.

HideTalk advice for those who don’t want to pay: “Set up a Price Tag before you got sell to cheap”

If you like how it sounds the idea of having real privacy through being the client, stay tunned on HideTalk Channels.

IG: @hidetalk_

Twitter: @hidetalk_

TikTok: @hidetalk_

Youtube: HideTalk

Try it for free, you just need to:

  1. Download the App
    Download for Android
    Download for iOS
  2. Make a ScreenShot an Post it with any of the following HashTags
    #IAMHide #BeHide #Hide #Need🍫 #HiddenNetwork #MyHiddes #SendHiddes #HideMember #HideTalk
  3. Make sure that you tag HideTalk account in the Social Media 😎
  4. You will receive a HideHash 🍫 and you will have access for free to HideTalk App.

We won’t see you in the Hidden Network but we expect you too be part of our community.






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